Link Roundup 04-05-2008

Awesome stuff floating around on the web this week. Here's a recap in case you missed it.

  • Is Tagcow the Future of Photo Recognition and Tagging?
    Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection
    Here's a quick review on a service that claims to be able to tag photos — Thomas Hawk checks it out for us.
  • Big and Tasty Food Photography Tips Roundup
    Into food photography? Check out this massive collection of articles, posts, blogs, websites, and videos all having to do with food photography.
  • Photography Niches You Never Considered
    21 photography niches that may have never crossed your mind.
  • 100 wonderful photo effects Photoshop tutorials
    The Photoshop Roadmap
    Wow, a ton of great Photoshop tutorials for achieving various effects with your photos. Be careful, this could be a real time sink.
  • Can You Trust Autofocus with Your Digital Camera?
    Nature Photographers Online Magazine
    Darwin Wiggett analyzes the success of autofocus versus manual focus on Canon and Nikon cameras. A surprising difference.
  • Philosophy of Photography: To “Shoot” Or To “Photograph”?
    A lively discussion on the topic of photographers terminology. Some feel that the term “shoot” isn't appropriate for describing the act of photography. What do you think?
  • Buyer's guide: How to check a second-hand lens
    A typical photo amateur has a limited budget and therefore hi-class new lenses are inapproachable because of their price, but second-hand devices may have any condition from “like new” to “awful”. Here are some ways to spot the lemons.
  • Evolution of a Photo
    Jake Garn Photography
    Jake Garn shows some examples of how his photographs change from RAW, after Lightroom, and after Photoshop. Great visuals for what each piece of software is intended to accomplish.
  • The top 15 entry-level digital SLR cameras by Photocritic
    Looking to get into SLR photography? Check this list of great cameras, compare prices, and read the reviews.
  • Photoshop Express revises terms of service
    John Nack on Adobe
    New terms of service for Photoshop Express after getting lots of great feedback from photographers and publishers around the globe.