Link Roundup 02-23-2008

While I've been slacking over the last week, it seems like everybody else has been producing some amazing articles. Here are a few of the really good ones I found.

  • An Interview with Blogger and Photographer Brian Auer
    Beautiful Argentina
    One of my photoblogging buddies did an interview with me — check out what I had to say! I also gave some insight to the origin of the name “Epic Edits”, in case you were curious.
  • Homemade Bellows Lens for Nikon
    Neat little DIY project for a bellows lens. The title says it's for Nikon, but you could do it with any SLR.
  • Build A Tilt-Shift Lens for Your SLR for Cheap
    found photography
    Neat DIY project for building a cheap Tilt-Shift lens. Of course the quality won't be as good as a purchased lens, but it'll still be fun to shoot with!
  • 16 Lies and half-truths in the Camera business
    Wirehead Arts
    An outline of sixteen lies that your camera gear salesperson or camera manufacturer will say to separate you from your money.
  • (Photo)Blogging Tips
    Some thoughts and tips on photoblogging from a photoblogging newbie — but a great discussion about the many aspects of photography blogging.
  • 6 Tips to Building your Photography Network
    digital Photography School
    Networking is key for many things in life. Here are some great tips and observations about networking as a photographer.
  • Advanced High pass sharpening
    daff's blog
    Yet another way to sharpen photos. I like this approach because it's slightly different from the other high-pass techniques I've seen. Check it out!
  • Trendy Neutral Photo Effect
    Photoshop Tutorials
    Good simple Photoshop tutorial for producing an interesting look to your photos. Vignette is optional.
  • Lenses for Photojournalism
    Beyond Phototips
    Everyone's wanted to be a photojournalist at one time or the other… Now, take a peek into their mouth watering gear…
  • Guide to Neutral Density Filters
    Single-Serving Photo
    Your guide to Neutral Density filters: what they are, how they work, and how to use them.
  • 12 Things to Photograph Before You Die
    The perfect list of things that every photographer should strive to photograph in their lifetime!