Fine Art Photoblog Candidates

UPDATE: Six photographers have been chosen to be part of the site launch.

This is just a little teaser for the preliminary design of a single-photo post. The homepage and archives are pretty slick too — everything is done with images rather than text. The whole thing is very photo-oriented and geared for SEO. I haven't touched the colors, fonts, or other small details, so don't worry about those things — they're easy to change. I've been working on the major items such as the layout and functionality of the front-end and back-end.

Now, the real reason I put this post together is to allow all of the photoblog candidates to come together in one place and make a few decisions as a group. I'd like to run this thing somewhat like a Democracy, so your votes and opinions do have an influence on the direction we go. When it comes to making big decisions, the group will collectively work together to provide a solution.

There are two things we need to deal with before moving on with the photoblog. The first can be hashed out in the comments of this post, while the second I'd prefer to keep semi-private via email.

1) How many photographers will be included?

I didn't expect 30 portfolios to come rolling into my lap, but it happened. Initially, I said five photographers will be chosen for the launch, but that was only because I didn't know how popular this idea would be. Honestly, I'm OK with more photographers… to a point. I would still expect each photographer to contribute at least one image per week, so the blog would be publishing more frequently as a whole. So think about how many photographers should be part of the blog, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

2) Which photographers will be included?

Browse the list below, evaluate the artistic value of the photos from each photographer, and tell me via email what your top 5 picks would be. Remember, if you're part of the photoblog you probably want to have your work displayed alongside the best photographers. It not only raises the quality and value of your own photos, but it does the same for the website. Like I said — vote for 5 — send them to me via email.

UPDATE: Here's a lesson in photography when it comes to portfolios. I asked for a portfolio of fine art photos that would be taken into consideration by other photographers for the purpose of this project and new website. For those who spent the time to narrow down a selection of their best works, I thank you very much and your efforts are noted. For those who didn't… that's fine, but realize that the lack of a dedicated portfolio may have an impact on the selection process.

When somebody puts together a portfolio directed toward fine art, this tells me that they're willing to spend the time and effort on this new website. My selections will be made not only on artistic ability, but also on the impression you give about your work and your interest level in this photoblog — and as voters, your selections should reflect the same. Feel free to regroup your portfolios and notify me of a new link. And for further enlightenment, check out this article on “Creating a Photography Portfolio.”

  1. Ariel Diacovetzky
  2. Trevor Carpenter
  3. Blake J. Nolan
  4. Andrew Gibson
  5. Martin Gommel
  6. Taylor Jackson
  7. Alexander Artemenko
  8. John Sercel
  9. Rose Bordett
  10. Joseph Szymanski
  11. Dave MacIntyre
  12. Shaun Krisher
  13. Victor Bezrukov
  14. Colin Wright
  15. Daniel Hellerman
  16. Jimmy Brown
  17. Mike Pavlov
  18. Andreas Manessinger
  19. Boris Taratutin
  20. Cody Redmon
  21. Saulius Eidukas
  22. Joel Witmeyer
  23. Jeff Mitchel
  24. Dez Santana
  25. Paul Pescitelli
  26. Andrew Bradley
  27. Ryan Dlugosz
  28. Allison Jacobsen
  29. Neil Creek
  30. David Ziser

Let's try to get a decision on the number of photographers as soon as possible. I'll leave the voting process open for a week, or until everybody votes if it happens sooner than that. So start looking and start talking.