Link Roundup 12-22-2007

  • 7 Tips to Increase Art Sales on Imagekind
    This one is actually a guest post from Andrew Gibson — it's a recap of his learnings on the topic of selling art after his interview with three prominent ImageKind users: Eyal Nahmias, Michael Longfellow, and Benjamin Rogovy. He put a lot of effort into this series, and he dug up some good information.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Time-Lapse Photography
    Very extensive guide and tips for time-lapse photography, including gear you'll need, the software to use, and how to do it.
  • DIY : Poor Man's Ring Flash
    Very cool (and basically free) DIY ring flash that you can use for macro work. I've got to give this thing a try!
  • Using the Healing Tools in Photoshop CS3
    digital Photography School
    Good Photoshop tutorial with step-by-step photos and examples for using the healing brush and the spot healing brush for doing your touch-up work.
  • Free Adobe Camera Raw Presets
    15 presets that are meant as a starting point for your black and white photography. They can be used in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Adobe Bridge.
  • Great Ways To Include Shadows In Your Pictures
    Some great reader-submitted works on the topic of shadows in photos.
  • 5 Little Things Every DSLR Photographer Needs
    Good short-list of the essential items that every digital photographer should consider picking up.
  • The 2008 Challenge
    Trevor is getting ambitious with his photographer challenges — this time he's asking us to take a photo a week with the intent of documenting your community.
  • Want to be Featured on the ADIDAP 2009 Calendar?
    Antoine has come up with a really neat idea for utilizing the best photos from his Flickr group. Check out what he has in mind.
  • Video of the Week — Here's a little piece on a photographer I admire: Elliott Erwitt.