December Challenge: Day 21 – Drew Verkade

Drew Verkade

Drew is another member of the Quartus team (in case you couldn't tell by photo), but more specifically he's my direct manager — the boss-man. Drew is a cool guy and he's really easy to get along with at work and outside of work. He has a great ability to be friendly as a peer, yet provide guidance as a knowledgeable superior. And, as with all of the Quartus management team, Drew is a skilled engineer who not only manages projects but works on them side-by-side with his engineers.

In his free-time, Drew likes doing things such as hiking, camping, fishing, shooting guns, etc — you know, the outdoorsy type of stuff. I recently learned that he was a bit of a photography enthusiast back in the day. Apparently he's got a small collection of Nikon 35mm film equipment along with some medium format stuff. He's been ignoring his cameras for a few years, so I now have the personal goal of getting him back into it.

This photo was taken from inside of our main conference room. The background is a frosted glass wall with the Quartus logo as clear glass. The logo actually faces outward, so in this photo it was backwards. I flipped the image so it would read normally. The mouse on the table also gives it away (it's now a left-handed mouse).

Oh yeah, Drew also wanted me to note that he doesn't usually look this grizzly — it was the Friday before the winter holidays so you'll have to give him a break.

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