Get Yourself Some MOO MiniCards

Moo Cards are the best! And no, I'm not being paid to say that. is a neat site where you can use your photos to have neat stuff printed. The neatest thing of all are these little half-business-cards called MOO MiniCards. You put a photo on one side and up to 6 lines of text (plus a logo of your choice) on the other side.

My Moo Cards

Why are they so cool? I don't know, but people really dig 'em. I bought a 100 pack almost a month ago and I've got about 20 or 30 left. I've been handing them out like candy. I brought them on the last photowalk, I always carry 6-8 of them in my wallet, I hand one out with each photo I shoot for the December Challenge, I give them to people at work, I sent my Mom a handful so she could give them to her friends, and I keep the rest in my camera bag.

The other neat thing about MOO is that they can hook up to your Flickr account and let you pick your photos to be printed without having to upload anything. Seriously, these things are a great way to promote your photos and your websites. At $20 per 100 pack (that's $0.20 per card), it's not a bad deal considering the quality of these things.