December Challenge: Day 12 – Sarah Presley

Sarah Presley

Sarah is the “front desk lady” at Ortho Organizers where I work as a consultant. She is one of the most outgoing people I've ever met — the type that knows everybody's name and always has a huge smile on her face (though not present in this photo). She's high-energy and a joy to be around.

Sarah is also a licensed esthetician, licensed massage therapist, and an aspiring writer. She loves to be outdoors, explore new places, appreciate art, get caught up in music, see people smile, and watch cartoons. My guess is that she has about a thousand hobbies and projects too.

I shot this photo right outside the building at work — it has a lot of mirrored tinted glass. Lighting is all natural at about 3 in the afternoon with direct sunlight on us. Sarah was way too easy to photograph — she would do all kinds of poses, faces, and angles without even asking… which is good because I wouldn't have thought to ask for half of what she gave me! We got a few other good ones from around the building, but this one turned out the most interesting by far.

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