December Challenge: Day 6 – Doug Crimaldi

Doug Crimaldi

Doug is the Director of Engineering at Ortho Organizers, a company that provides innovative products and solutions to the orthodontic community (braces plus other stuff). I work for Doug part-time as part of my full-time job (they're contracting me through Quartus Engineering). Doug is one of the busiest people I've ever met — he's constantly working frantically on something, and he's almost impossible to snag for 5 minutes. But when he does stop what he's doing, he's a pretty cool guy and actually somewhat laid back.

In case you're wondering about the photos, Doug has the gifted ability to blink EVERY SINGLE TIME his picture is taken with a flash. I took six shots of Doug, and he had his eyes closed in every single one. So rather than scrap the photos, I thought I'd make a little 6-in-1 set from these.

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