December Challenge: Day 5 – Richard Santini

Richard Santini

What's a photographer on the beach (at sunset) doing with a flash-mounted camera? Taking sunset photos like everybody else? Nope. Richard is a San Diego wedding photographer (his work looks pretty good — check out his gallery), and he was on the job getting ready to shoot a proposal. The couple was off walking on the beach and Richard was getting set up for the big moment when they returned — unfortunately a wave made its way up the beach and took out his setup with the blanket, roses, and candles.

That was right about the time I encountered him. He seemed a little tense after his spread got washed away, and the couple was due back any moment. I needed a portrait for today and the sun was setting fast, so I asked him if I could get a quick shot. He agreed to it and gave me his name so I could look him up. Then the couple returned…

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