Want to Learn More About Me?

Framing Myself

Antoine over at ADIDAP (All Day I Dream About Photography) has posted a brief interview with me — 10 questions on various topics. Some of the non-photography inquiries included:

  • What is your day job?
  • Is photography your only/main hobby if no state another?
  • Why is your logo a raven?
  • Can you share with us your 5 top RSS — NONE photography related?

And of course,there were some questions about photography:

  • For how long have you been shooting pictures?
  • A lot of your pictures on Flickr are street photography is it your preferred subject?
  • What is the most important piece of gear you own?
  • What is your best advice for the beginner in photography?

So, if you haven't seen it already, head over there and check me out. And if the rest of you have any questions for me (photography-related or otherwise), feel free to ask in the comments below. I'm always fascinated to see what other people want to know about me, or IF they want to know for that matter.