“In Your Own Backyard” Project Results

Last week, Jim Goldstein shared the results of his latest group photography project titled “In Your Own Backyard“. So in case you missed it, or if this is the first you've heard of it, here are the results from those who participated. The act of taking photos within close proximity to your house is a good exercise — it really makes you think and get creative because the things we see everyday can seem mundane and uninteresting to us.

  • Old Steel Garden Furniture
    Dion van Huyssteen – DV Photo
    “The photo is of some ancient steel garden furniture in my parents backyard.”
  • A Suburban Morning
    Steven Vore – Steven's Notebook
    “I took a camera to work (my office is 2 miles from my home, so I'm still within the “5 mile” rule), and about 11am went for a walk to see what I could see. On one side of the parking lot were all the colors of fall, with some green still peeking through the yellows and greens. On the other side, construction; torn, brown and ugly.”
  • Untitled
    Matt Collinge – Madmat01 at Flickr
    “Taken from Waddington Fell looking at pendle hill in the Ribble Valley Lancashire England.”
  • The Birds
    libeco – LiBeCo
    “Since we have a birdfeeder in our backyard a lot of birds visit us, which gave me an opportunity to take some pictures.”
  • That Country Feeling
    Tam – First Time Critic
    “I'm open to critique, but I know this image isn't the best. It is however the best photo I've taken in terms of representing the area I live in.”
  • Tennis I
    MT Fanders – mannedspace
    “My oldest playing the game he enjoys: Youth Tennis.”
  • Don't litter in our backyard
    Richard Wong – In The Field: Richard Wong's Photography Blog
  • Looking Back
    RenĂ© Modery – Singapore In Pictures
    “Mother carrying her little daughter home in the evening.”
  • Another Day at the Beach
    Brian Auer – Epic Edits Weblog
    “Surfers on the beach at Encinitas, where surfing is a way of life and a big part of the culture.”
  • Trains to Mars… I, II, III, IV and V
    Mannii – Trains to Mars…
    “Three parts – rice fields, one part – apple orchards, and a WHOLE LOT OF culture. Throw in occasional urban spaces, and a few bullet trains for a perfect mix – called Morioka, Japan.”
  • Untitled
    Glen – gZphotoGraph
    “Rocky Nook Park in Santa Barbara's Mission Canyon.”
  • Small Town General Store
    Karen Wink – Fotokew
    “I shoot southern style. my blog are photos taken in rural Mississippi.”
  • Hate Free Campbell
    Rafa – Why Yet Another Photo Place
  • Storm Cell at Sunset
    Sandy Redding – dot.double:dot
    “We seldom get storms here. Only five inches or so of rain per year. There's a nice outcropping of rocks not far from my house that has a good view of the desert and the Sierra Nevada range in the distance. The lightning was flashing as the storm approached us. I stayed as long as I dared, but eventually had to retreat.”
  • Contour
    Antonio Marques – Words:irrational