Link Roundup 11-17-07

Another pre-link announcement this week: Trevor carpenter is heading up another “Challenge” series coming up soon. The “December Challenge” is all about portrait photography — similar to the things you'd expect to see on 365 Portraits. I know my portrait skills are way below par, so I'll be attempting to participate by taking and posting a new portrait every day for the entire month. Check it out, and let Trevor know if you're interested in participating.

  • Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap
    Neil Creek
    Neil's secret weapon for creating those cool 3D images he's been taking. Cool little gadget!
  • Tips on How to Take Tack Sharp Photos
    Beyond Megapixels
    Getting the sharpest images out of your digital cameras for better photography. Very informative, and beginner-friendly.
  • What exactly is a Single Lens Reflex anyway?
    A breif history of the camera, and how the SLR came to be the way it is today.
  • Tips on Shooting Good Landscape
    All Day I Dream About Photography
    An overview guide to landscape photography. Includes general tips, camera settings, timing, composition, metering, focus, and taking the shot.
  • Creative Commons + Flickr = 22 Million Sharable Photos
    This is an old story from 2006, but it's the first I've seen of it. Interesting story on Flickr and the Creative Commons. Our buddy Kris Krug (now a fairly successful Vancouver fashion photographer) is featured and quoted quite a bit in the article talking about his use of the Creative Commons.
  • How to Shoot in Direct Sunlight
    digital Photography School
    Shooting in direct sunlight can lead to images that have high contrast, blown out highlights, lens flare and colors that might even look overly saturated. Here are some tips for shooting directly into the sun.
  • The Importance of Keywording Your Photos
    Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection
    Thomas describes the difference between keywording and tagging (a feature on photo-sharing sites). He also gives some great tips for coming up with lots of applicable keywords for your images.
  • Videos of the Week — 2 having to do with Larry Lessig and the Creative Commons.