A Call For Guest Bloggers

Do you know something about photography? Would you like to share that knowledge with others? Or maybe you have your own photography website or blog and you'd like to promote it to other photographers and get your name out there? Then how about a guest-post here on the Epic Edits Weblog?

Based on the feedback from a previous poll, the majority of the audience would like to see more featured articles and quick-tips. So to keep up with demand, and to give others the opportunity to showcase their knowledge, I'm offering up guest author positions to those who are interested.


I'm open to anything that would fit in with the other featured articles or quick-tips. Topics can include, but are not limited to:

Or if you have something that doesn't fit into any specific category, just run the idea by me and we'll figure something out.


At this point in time, I can't offer any monetary compensations — but I may be open to that idea somewhere down the road. What you will get is:

  • A place to write about photography without maintaining the entire site.
  • A contributor account in my WordPress admin interface that allows you to manage your own profile and submit articles for review.
  • A link in your author bio (at the end of the article) to your homepage.
  • The ability to leave comments without having to fill out the form every time.

If I get a few people interested in doing this, I'll set up an author page that lists all of the contributing authors and I'll make it visible on the main menu bar. Also, for the comments, I'll work on getting things set up so that your comments will be formatted differently from the non-author comments — that way they stand out a little better.


If you're interested, send an email to me at [blog at epicedits dot com] stating your intents for a first article idea, and a square cropped picture of yourself that will be used in your bio at the end of your posts. I'll set you up a contributor account and give you the required login information so you can get in there and start writing.

The contributor account allows you to write an article through the WordPress interface (just as I do), and when you're done you can submit it to me for review. I'm going this route so I can copy review the articles, offer feedback and suggestions to make it more effective, and to publish according to my typical schedule.

And no, I'm not planning on posting nothing but guest-posts from here out. I'll still publish the same number of articles I have been, I'll just be adding a few posts here and there from guest-writers if there's any interest.