Do You Make Money From Your Photos?

The Internet has made the act of selling photos available to practically anybody. It seems like everybody is trying to make a buck (myself included) with their photography. I'm curious how many of us actually make anything from it, and at what level. So for this poll, tell us how well you do with your money making ventures. And for the purpose of the poll, just include money made directly from selling photos rather than things like blogging or hired photography work. I'm talking about your personal stock.

Do You Make Money From Your Photos?

Also check out the results from last week's post where I asked “What's Your LEAST Favorite Weekly Topic?” I had a lot of good feedback from everybody who commented, and the poll results say quite a bit too. The least favorite topic is the reader poll, followed by link roundups and photodumps. The most favorite topic was the featured article, followed by the quick-tip.

So I'll continue to run all the current weekly topics since there wasn't a strong opposition to any one topic. I may occasionally skip a poll if I can't think of anything to ask, but it'll still be here every week otherwise. I'm also going to try implementing a new schedule to give you guys more of the meaty articles.

  • MON – Featured Article
  • TUE – Reader Poll
  • WED – Featured Article OR Quick-Tip
  • THU – PhotoBlog
  • FRI – Quick-Tip
  • SAT – Link Roundup
  • SUN – PhotoDump