San Diego Fire Updates

I was planning on publishing a Flickr etiquette article right about now, but recent events have changed my mind.

I live in San Diego, just south of Del Mar. If you've been following the activity around the San Diego Fires, you'll realize that I may be in the line of fire in short time. I'm terribly busy keeping track of the updates and advisories, and I'll continue to do so until I'm told to leave or until the danger passes. So here's what I'm keeping track of right now:

If you have any other good links on up-to-date news regarding this situation, leave me a comment. I'm trying to take in as much information as possible right now.

You can also follow my activities via Twitter. I'll update what I can if I have to leave.

UPDATE: We were evacuated on Monday evening (10/22/07) and headed to Qualcomm Stadium where we found a family offering a place to stay for the night. The next morning, we drove to Mission Viejo to stay with family. It's now the morning of the 24th and we're planning on heading back home soon.

Here are some photos from our refuge in Mission Viejo.

Turmoil in Paradise Smoke Filled Skies North Meets South