Five Fantastic Flickr Photographers

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As I've recently become more active with Flickr, I've encountered some amazing photographers. I realize that I've only seen a glimpse of the artists out there, and I'm truly excited to continue exploring this community. Out of my 100+ contacts (which isn't many at all), I find myself being drawn to the works of a select few. Here are five photographers who absolutely amaze me.

Martin Gommel


– Germany

The New Hope Fantasies and Escapism

I admire Martin's amazing landscape photography and his incredible ability to capture a scene. His images are extremely well thought out and it's easy to tell that he aims for perfection. They convey a true sense of scale and many of his landscapes look too good to be real. I'm also a fan of Martin's architecture photos and his black & white work. Martin also has a photography blog and a photoblog.

Emily Higginson


– Canada

infinity and clarity slip

Emily's style is truly unique. It's hard to fully describe, but it's dark and I love it. I can't say that any one of her genres really stands out from the rest of her work, but anything she displays has a great sense of mood about it. Emily comes across as being highly artistic and creative with the camera and post-processing. In addition to the photos shown here, her people shots are quite interesting too.

Jim Goldstein


– America

Mt. Whitney Pre-Dawn, Arch View Celestial Wind

Jim is like the younger version of Art Wolfe; he's certainly proven his ability in outdoor photography. His nature and landscape photographs exhibit parts of our world at its absolute best, and they show the untamed beauty of it all. Recently, Jim has also been producing some stunning cityscapes, particularly at night. Jim also has a photography blog and an online gallery.

Anoop Negi


– India

Racing with the Bulls! The Grim Reapers /~

Anoop has a gifted ability to convey a sense of culture in his photos. He truly captures the moment and brings his viewers right into the scene. Photographing people in their environment is a difficult area to tackle, and Anoop does it quite well. He doesn't limit his abilities to culture; he also has an impressive set of landscape and countryside photos. Anoop also has a photography blog.

Marko Kosovcevic


– Serbia

Bench with a view Electric fields

Marko has a fantastic ability to present images in new and intriguing ways. His compositions, use of texture, other post-processing techniques transform an ordinary subject into a work of art. The scenes that Marko presents have a sense of strange reality to them, sometimes as if you were looking into another world. Marko also has a photography blog.

Honorable Mentions

Stopping my list at 5 was quite difficult, and I have many more favorites. So to help soften the blow with my other favorite photographers, here are 5 more that also deserve a look.

Be sure to check out all these great photographers, add them as a friend, star their photos, leave comments on their work, let them know they are appreciated. Following the work of others is a great way to improve your own photography and it's quite inspirational. If you want to see more of my contacts, head over to my Flickr profile. And since I'm interested in meeting new artists, leave a comment with a link to your favorite Flickr photographer.

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