Link Roundup 10-05-2007

  • Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera
    Photo tidbits
    Great explanations and examples of digital infrared photography techniques and equipment. Warning: it's a lengthy article.
  • RAW versus JPEG: Three Advantages to JPEG Format
    An interesting approach to the RAW versus JPEG debate — though the author clearly sides with RAW when he says shooting in JPEG is “like buying a new Corvette and only driving at 25mph on straight roads with no curves”.
  • Twelve Essential Photographic Rules
    12 of the essentials that every photographer should keep in mind… and break whenever possible.
  • Adjusting your RAW files in Black & White
    Inside Aperture
    Here's an interesting photo processing technique: convert to b/w, adjust tones, remove b/w filter. It really makes sense because it allows you to focus on the tones and contrast.
  • 10 Sexy Flickr Userscripts
    Great set of functional add-ons for Flickr users. Watch out though, it's in German.
  • 6 Tips to Keep Your Camera Lens Clean!
    Dirt on your DSLR lens is one of the main factors that reduces the image quality of your photos. Here are some basic cleaning tips to keep things running smoothly.
  • Video of the Week — this is for all you stock photographers out there.