Edit My Photo — by A.B. Cole

Here's an “Edit My Photo” project entry from A. B. Cole. This is now the 5th official entry into the project, but 9 others are working on theirs as we speak… right guys? This, along with the other entries can be seen at the temporary project results page. So here it is, and here's how it was done:

Processing by A.B. Cole

Post-processing by A.B. Cole.
Photo by Brian Auer

I use Aperture for 98% of all my post processing work. Meaning if the images did not come out as I planned and can't be pushed within Aperture, they are trashed. So your image challenge was harder then I though it be.

After you nudged me to try harder… I dropped the image into iPhoto. The adjustment are as follows:

Crop 3000×1992
add .05 Exposure
add +28 Contrast
add +74.0 shadow
add 100% Saturation

Edge blur (1)
boost color (4)
White Matte (1)

Export as a .jpg
Trimmed a bit of the white matte off.
Send to you…