Top Tips and Tricks: Project Results

Last week I participated in another group writing project from Daily Blog Tips on the topic of “Tips and Tricks”. The article I submitted to this project was titled “Warning: These 9 Photoshop Techniques May Result in Great Photos“. The project had over 120 entries, and there were actually a few photography related articles in there.

  • 101 Tips for Better Photos
    Life & Stuff

    This is a HUGE list of little tidbit items to look through. There's something in there for everybody.
  • Go Steady With Your Camera & Take Shake-Free Photos Without a Tripod

    Good solid tips for reducing the chance of camera shake and blur without the use of a bulky tripod.
  • 6 Tips to Take Great Photographs at Music Concerts
    Thoughts of a Rambler

    Concert photography isn't so mainstream for most of us, so here are some tips for improving your experience.
  • How To Build Lasting Relationships With Your Readers
    Inspiration Bit

    This one isn't exactly aimed at photography, but it certainly applies for anybody trying to build a reputation as a photographer. Just think photos instead of articles, and gallery instead of blog.

If you want to browse through the rest of the project entries, head over to the Daily Blog Tips final list.