Quick-Tip: Save Your Photoshop Workspace

If you spend much time in Photoshop, you probably have a certain set of palettes, menus, and keyboard shortcuts that you must have in order to get anything accomplished. I'm not too picky about the menus or shortcuts, but I like to have a specific set of palettes on the right side of my workspace. I like my histogram at the top, my history below that, and my layers below that with my channels tabbed on the same panel. I don't need the color, info, navigator, paths, swatches, etc., so I get rid of them.

Once you get your workspace setup, save it so you don't have to mess with it anymore. It takes two seconds, and once you do it Photoshop will remember where all your stuff goes.

Window >> Workspace >> Save Workspace…

That's it. Then give your workspace a name and you're set.