Link Roundup 09-15-2007

  • Get Down Low to Frame Out Ugly Backgrounds
    Tips for improving the background in your photos by changing your perspectives and getting creative.
  • Photoshop Goes Online and Free
    While it's still a teaser at the moment, John Nack (Senior Product Manager for Photoshop) has confirmed the development of Photoshop Express.
  • 13 Great Slow Sync Flash Images
    digital Photography School
    Some pretty good photos from Flickr that were taken using slow sync flash techniques.
  • Painting With Light
    DIY Photography
    Painting with light is a fun technique that gives great results. It is called painting with light because this is what you are actually doing while taking the shot – painting with light.
  • 100 Free Photo Presets for ACR
    onOne Software
    A collection of presets for use with Adobe Camera RAW to help you speed up your photo editing when dealing with RAW files.
  • Ink Refill
    Itsy-Bitsy Photo Blog
    A good reason to buy new ink cartridges rather than refill. A quick visual comparison is all it will take to convince you.
  • Texturing Photos
    Hey Girl, Nice Shot
    A few techniques and links to resources for overlaying texture on your photos for added… texture.