Time Management For Bloggers and Photographers

Time Management

I've been spending more time lately trying to organize my three lives: family, work, and online. I'd like to spend as much time as possible with my family, but I have to keep my other obligations in mind. My work life currently consists of the typical 8-5 M-F grind, but I hope to fix that within the next five years. My online life is becoming more time demanding and eats into my family time, but I see it as a means to break free from my work life.

Since my online activities are requiring more time (and since I don't want to take that from my family time), I've had to get seriously organized about how I do things. I've been honing my schedule over the last couple of months, and I think I've landed on something I'm happy with.

Interestingly enough, Vivien from Inspiration Bit announced a group writing project on the topic of Time Management shortly after I finalized my schedule. So now I have absolutely no reason to not share my thoughts on time management.

Each day, I have about three hours to myself in that period of time after the kids go to bed and before my wife gets home from work. So I've set myself a 7-day schedule that addresses my blogging and photography activities, in addition to what I post on the blog each day. Do note that I reserve the right to change or deviate from the plan as often as I like. It's just a guide for myself.


MON Guide Forums & Flickr Testimonials
TUE (Open) Social Networks
WED Poll Build Secret Website
THU Quick-Tip Photo Editing
FRI PhotoBlog Website Updates
SAT Roundup Write Articles
SUN PhotoDump Stats & Marketing

The 7-day schedule seems to be working great for the activities listed, but there are a few other things that I have to attend to on a daily basis (and I usually take care of them several times per day).


  • Blog comment moderation and replies.
  • Keywording my photo archives.
  • Feed reading, bookmarking, commenting.
  • Check on Pownce.
  • Flickr contact photos, favorites, comments.
  • Zooomr contact photos, favorites, comments.

You may have noticed I left out the “Taking Pictures” activity from my schedules. It's not to say I don't plan on taking any more photos, but when I do it's typically not planned that far in advance.

So that's basically how I manage my non-work and non-family time. The schedule keeps me focused on any given day, and it also prevents me from forgetting or neglecting certain activities. I must say that there's a sense of relief in hot having to think about every activity every day.

So how do you manage your time as a blogger and/or photographer? Or do you?