Link Roundup 09-08-2007

  • Avoid Over-Processing by Cleansing Your Visual Palate
    Great tip for clearing your head while photo editing. Things always look different when you step away for a few minutes.
  • The Beauty of the Blur
    Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection
    Some interesting notes on using long-exposures to create beautiful images.
  • My Worst Photographic Habits
    As photographers, we all have bad habits pertaining to our hobby. Jim Goldstein bares some of his photographic sins for all to see.
  • 11 Free Photo Editors At Your Choice
    All Tips and Tricks
    Photo editors were then expensive, so not everybody afforded one. The situation changed lately, with more and more open source programs and other freeware things made available online.
  • 101 Hidden Tips & Secrets For Photoshop
    11AM Design
    Lots of little Photoshop shortcuts to help you get the job done.