Link Roundup 08-24-07

  • Creative Commons is Good for Photography
    The reasons why photographers should embrace Creative Commons for their photos.
  • 15 Stunning Images Using Blur to Portray Movement
    digital Photography School
    Shutter speeds between 1/30 and 40 minutes – great collection of images that portray motion.
  • The Dark Side of Photosharing Sites?
    Are sites like Flickr destroying the appreciation of photography as an art form? an unbiased analysis…
  • Taking Unfocused Photos
    digital Photography School
    Break the rules of photography by taking blurry pictures. You can actually achieve some very pleasing results by adjusting your focus to something away from your subject.
  • Back to Basics – Exposure
    DIY Photography
    This is the first article of the Back to Basics series which tells all about the basics of photography, and it deals with Exposure.
  • How To: Start Shooting RAW
    Sublime Light
    Learn how to process RAW image files from start to finish. What software is available, what you can do, and what you end up with is all covered.