Link Roundup 08-18-07

Before I get to the regular links, I keep meaning to mention a Photography Link Exchange started up by the author of NYCgraphix. It's a good place to dig around for some handy resources on various topics. The list is very much in it's early stages, but it's worth having a look at — I've seen quite a few familiar sites listed in there.

And now for this week's most interesting articles from across the web.

  • How to Take Great Photos at High Noon
    Several ways you can make high noon work for you and learn to take photos in bright sunlight. Also check out part two of this article.
  • Don't Use Your Camera on Manual Settings
    Beyond the Obvious
    Making points for using non-manual settings on your camera, and good points at that.
  • Tiny Tips 8: Best Apertures for Sharpness
    Photography Tip
    Most lenses are optimized for sharpness at certain aperture values. This tip covers how to find those best apertures.
  • The lenses: Zoom, Focus and Aperture
    Lens basics and how to use focus and aperture to your advantage in pictures.
  • How To Clone People
    Nope, this isn't an article on how to clone people out of photos — it's quite the contrary.
  • 5 Traps of Professional Photography Equipment
    Professional photography equipment is designed to provide quality results, but buying such a piece might bring some surprises.