August 4th Photowalk: Santa Monica

There's a small get-together happening this Saturday (August 4th) in the LA area. Trevor Carpenter is organizing a photowalk at the Santa Monica Pier, and he's invited everybody who lives nearby. Lucky for me I just moved to San Diego, so I'll definitely be there. If you're in the area, try to stop by and meet a few other photography enthusiasts — I'm certainly looking forward to meeting some of my online acquaintances. Here are the details:

WHEN: Saturday, August 4th, 4PM to ???.

WHERE: Santa Monica (Los Angeles). Meet at the Apple Store on Arizona Ave & 3rd Street Promenade, then walk down to the pier (refer to map).

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, a camera, and a tripod if you so choose (we might stay past dark).

FOR MORE DETAILS: Visit the official event page.