Link Roundup 07-29-2007

  • The Art Of Being Prepared
    No matter what type of photography interests you, it's essential to always be prepared. The art of preparedness is seldom just a generic chore and can require quite a bit of creative thought.
  • 4 Rules of Composition for Landscape Photography
    digital Photography School
    Learn about diagonal lines, geometric shapes, rule of thirds, and framing. See how to apply these techniques to landscape photography.
  • Twelve Ways to Improve Your Digital Landscape
    Paxton Prints
    Tips and considerations for photographing landscape scenery.
  • 6 tips to take great photographs at music concerts
    Thoughts of a Rambler
    Throw away the blurry, out of focus rockstar photos you have. Learn the tips and tricks to take great photographs at concerts.
  • Portraits With One Light
    Sublime Light
    Learn to take amazing portraits with just a single flash. This article will give you all the details to make your next shoot your best shoot yet.