Greetings From Monterrey Mexico

What a day yesterday was! A LONG day, that is. At any rate, I made it into Monterrey, Mexico in once piece with all my luggage in tact. I'm here for a business trip, but I managed to lug my camera gear out with me. I was on a short vacation back in North Idaho, so i had my camera stuff with me anyways — I didn't really have much of a choice but to bring it along. I hope I get to use it while I'm here. I think it's supposed to rain today, and everything is pretty much covered in clouds.

Today is the only day I really have to get out and take some pics — the rest of the weekend will be spent working. If the weather holds up this afternoon, I think we're heading out to do a little sight-seeing around town. I've been here once before (without a camera), but we never took advantage of our free time. Not sure where we're going, but I'll definitely be taking photos. I'll have to share some with you this weekend.

In the meantime, enjoy a few Monterrey photos from Flickr. All three are mountain shots, but that's the most noticeable thing around here. The place is surrounded by huge mountain ranges jutting out of the ground. A few of them have some interesting formations at their peaks. With the cloudy weather, I'll have to focus more on taking photos of the things in-town. I'm hoping to get some people shots that show the culture around here. It's a big city (and area) — I think it's the 2nd or 3rd largest city in Mexico with somewhere around 1.1M people. Shouldn't be too hard to capture a little culture.

Well, I'd better go do something before it starts raining.