Various Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration Project

Vivien at Inspiration Bit just finished up a group writing project on the topic of “Sources of Inspiration” and she ended up with 37 entries! People from all different backgrounds and subject areas wrote in to tell everybody what inspires them.

We all have things that inspire us as artists, hobbyists, professionals, or whatever type of photographer you happen to be. I'm sure most of us also lack inspiration from time to time — you know, getting stuck in a rut. I find that reading about what inspires other people can sometimes get me out of a rut by changing the way I look at things.

I wrote about “My Top 5 Sources of Inspiration in Photography“, as some of you may recall from a few weeks ago. I managed to read through the other 36 entries, and I pulled out the top 5 that I thought were most relevant to us photographers. To see the rest of the entries, click on the image above and head over to Vivien's complete list (which hit the front page of digg by the way — nice work Vivien!).

  • Reliable Sources Of Inspiration for Inspiration Bit by Vivien
    I know I've had more than one occasion where I went to bed stuck on something and woke up with a solution, or went to bed in a creative rut and woke up full of new ideas. “Sleeping on it” is definitely an interesting way to get yourself some extra inspiration.
  • Get your creativity back: the old fashion way by Mirko
    Taking your mind off something can bring unexpected sources of inspiration. Go clean up your desk, exercise, or have a beer with some friends — it'll do wonders, especially with photography. Some of my favorite photos came from occasions where I wasn't in “photography mode”.
  • The Really Simple Domino Effect by Hamelife
    For photography and blogging alike, I get a lot of inspiration from other people's blogs. I subscribe to around 90 blogs related to photography and another 40 or so photoblogs — and I read (sometimes I skim) every article and look at every photo. It's a great way to get outside of my own bubble and open myself up for new ideas.
  • Postcards Of Inspiration by Paulie
    What could possibly go any better with walking and hiking than photography? It's like peanut butter and jelly, chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream, chips and salsa, Jack and Coke.
  • What Inspires A Graphic Designer by David Airey
    I feel like graphic designers are cousins of photographers — we both deal with a lot of the same issues and roadblocks. So it's not out of the question to believe that we share similar sources of inspiration.

Next time you're stuck in a rut, think about the things that inspire you. Read about what inspires other people; maybe you'll pick up a few new sources of inspiration.