Favorite Photos and Stories From the Photographers

Jim Goldstein put together a little project where he asked photographers to pick their favorite photo and tell the story behind it. I participated, as did a few of you. In my opinion, I think the project went very well and some really great project entries came forward. I certainly have my favorites in this list, but I'll keep that to myself and let you decide what you like.

You can also head over and visit Jim's final list to tell him how much you like the project results.

“Celestial Wind” by Jim M. Goldstein – JMG-Galleries

Under the Weather by Brian Auer – Epic Edits Weblog

“Zabriskie Point” by G. Dan Mitchell – G. Dan Mitchell | Photography

“Lost” by Guy Tal – Scenic Wild

“Florence Surprise” by Greg A. Lato – Latoga's Motion Blur

“A Final Gift” by Michael Brown – Macro Art In Nature

“Something Different” by Jenni Brehm – Changing Perspectives

“Whale Shark and Film Crew” by Tony Rath – Images of Belize

“Thoughts of a Dying Athiest” by Andrew Ferguson – goldengod

“Smoke on Route 413, Through the Windshield” by Kathleen Connally – A Walk Through Durham Township

“Waiting” by Avelino Maestas – Live From Silver City

“Death Valley Dunes” by Sean Scanlon – redinkphotography

vogel ROK” by Joost Burger – JoostBurger.NL Photography

“Shapes and Abstractions: #10 Scaffolding” by Joe Szymanski – Mostly Photography

“Muzungu” by Rafa – Why Yet Another Photo Place

“The Light Inside” by Laurie – Photine

“Old Toy Camera” by Rohn

“Untitled” by Sameer Vasta – Eloquation

“Gam Saan, Land of the Golden Mountain” by Richard Wong – In the Field

“The tale of a lost sole…” by Robert Coomer – Robert Coomer Photography

Paul's Favorite Photos by Paul W.