What Type of Camera Do You Shoot With?

I think I forget sometimes that not everybody has the same photography equipment. I feel like I tend to focus on the SLR side of things while ignoring the other camera-type users. I haven't heard any complaints or topic suggestions that would lead me to believe that a majority of you don't have an SLR camera — but maybe I'm blissfully unaware.

Don't get me wrong — I have nothing against non-SLR cameras and the photographers who use them. I'd just like to know who I'm writing to. If 80% of you shoot with a compact camera, I should probably muster up some tips for compact camera use. If most of you have a dSLR, then I'll keep doing what I'm doing. And if a majority of you don't have a camera… well, what the heck are you doing here anyways? Just kidding, everybody's welcome to read and comment.

So… let's find out what we're dealing with here. Take the poll below to tell me what type of camera you shoot with. You may have multiple cameras, so pick the one that you use the most or like the best. If your camera type is not on the list, add it to the list — just try to refrain from being a smart-ass.

Seriously though people, take the poll — it takes two seconds and it's anonymous. Two clicks — that's it. And for you feed readers — get over to the site and cast your vote (I'm pretty sure the voting doohickey doesn't show up in the feed).

Camera Poll Results

I'll leave this thing open until the end of May, then I'll write up the results. Also, if you don't shoot with an SLR, I'm curious to know why. Leave a comment and let me know what's holding you back — I may be able to address some concerns or questions about moving up to an SLR in a future post.