Photography Blog Project: Reader Sites

UPDATE: The polls are closed on this project. The response was overwhelming, and I thank everybody who participated. The results can be found in the “Photography Sites From My Readers” post.

I've noticed that many of you commenters have your own photography-related sites, whether it be a blog about photography, a photoblog, or a gallery. I usually subscribe if you have a feed, so I can keep up with all of you. I'm curious how many of you non-commenters also have photography sites.

I propose we do a little blog project that will allow everyone to share their sites with the other readers. Nothing major — I just want to get a roundup of all your sites and post them here with a link and a description for all the other readers to see. Plus I'd like to add your sites to my arsenal of feeds that I digest every day.

So if you have a photography-related site, take 2 minutes and…

  1. Go to the Contact page
  2. For the subject line type “Reader Site”
  3. In the message put the name of your site, web address, and a one sentence description
  • DEADLINE: May 2, 2007

DON'T SUBMIT YOUR SITES IN THE COMMENTS! I want it to be a surprise for everyone. If you have more than one site, do a separate message for each one or separate them in a single message with extra line breaks. You'll get a confirmation email when I get your submission. I'll give you guys five days to get your sites in to me, then I'll compile everything and try to group sites by category. I'll post everybody's sites in an article on May 4th, and the format will look something like this:

Epic Edits Weblog by Brian Auer
A Photography Resource for the Aspiring Hobbyist

Auer PhotoWorks by Brian Auer
High Quality Fine-Art Photography Prints

So don't be shy, don't hold back, and don't assume I'll include your site just because I know you — you must submit your site through the contact form. Your sites will be listed by date and time of submission, so do it early to get a top spot. Everybody who fulfils the requirement of having a photography related site is welcome to participate.

After I post the article, I'll email you the list in html and you are more than welcome to take it and post it on your own site. It's not a requirement that you do, but it's a nice gesture to spread the link love and give some visibility to the other photographers. If you decide to post the links, I just ask that you don't remove anybody from the list or change the site titles or descriptions. Other than that, you're free to reorganize, re-categorize, or re-stylize the list.

If you don't have a photography site and you want to participate, don't worry just yet. If this one goes well, I have a few other ideas for group projects that will include everybody. If you have an idea for another group project, let me know in the comments or through the contact page.

Now get over to the contact page and tell me about your site.