The Ten Commandments of Photography

I'm not a seasoned photographer by anybodies standards, but I've managed to gather up a few thought “nuggets” on the subject of photography. I probably have more, but I set my limit to 10. So here are my ten commandments of photography, in no particular order.

  1. ALWAYS Know Your Equipment – Know how to use your equipment, know what all the settings and options do, and know how they affect your photography. Be comfortable with your camera.
  2. NEVER Try Too Hard – Have fun and learn as you go. The hard stuff will start to come naturally; you'll just get frustrated if you try forcing it.
  3. ALWAYS Break The Rules – Maybe not always, but don't be afraid to do it. Know the rules of photography well enough to know how to properly break them.
  4. ALWAYS Rediscover Yourself – Don't forget about your past photos. Go back through them, look at them in new ways, and make something of them.
  5. ALWAYS Try New Things – Don't hesitate to alter compositions while shooting, use your equipment in a non-traditional way, explore the camera settings while shooting, and try new post processing techniques.
  6. ALWAYS Mimic Those Who Inspire You – If you like an artist or a photo, figure out why. Apply that to your own work and mix it with other styles you've picked up.
  7. NEVER Forget Your Roots – What got you into photography? If you're ever lacking inspiration, go back to your roots. For me, it's my kids.
  8. ALWAYS Do It For Yourself – Don't take pictures that you think other people will like. If you like them, that's all that counts.
  9. ALWAYS Get Your Priorities Straight – Your camera gear is expensive. Your pictures are worth more than money. But your knowledge of photography is invaluable.
  10. NEVER Stop Learning – I try to apply this philosophy to life in general. You'll never cease to be amazed at the things you can learn. And my favorite saying “The more you learn, the less you know” is so dang true.

What commandments do you photograph by?