The Photography of Molly Lesher

I love finding new photographers whose work I haven't seen.  I especially love it when they have a style or theme that is all their own.  I'm at the point in my photography where I haven't developed a strong style yet, so I'm envious of those who have.  Molly Lesher is an artist who has done at least one theme very well — and it's not a widely covered theme.

Her stuff is dark, demented, twisted, messed up, cold, innovative, and… yet very beautiful.  She has seven galleries on her website, and they're sort of divided into three or four main themes.  Galleries one through three have the really screwed up stuff in them — I mean really screwed up.  But it's great, and I love it.  I've got a lot of respect for a photographer who can do things like that.  Galleries four and five are semi-random stuff, but in an interesting way.  Gallery six has a lot of good macro work, and gallery seven is horses.

My suggestion — at least check out one through three.  It's so… dark.  I can't even describe it well enough to do it justice, and I don't want to post her work here because it's not mine.  So you'll just have to hop on over there and see it for yourself.

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