A Digg-Style Site Just For Photography

UPDATED: Soon after I posted the original article on a site called DiggPhotography, the site dissapeared. Then it popped up again as PhotographyVoter, so I updated the links to their site.

Digg is and interesting thing, but it's not very friendly to photographers. There's not even a category for photography despite it being asked for over and over again. Wouldn't it be nice if there were at Digg-style site just for photographers?

THERE IS! I noticed a few visitors coming from PhotographyVoter this morning, so my curiosity forced me to check it out. What I found was basically a brand new site for photographers that was modeled after Digg. The site looks to be in its infancy with just a handful of submitted articles and only 4 users (including me now). But this shouldn't deter you from joining in, or even just reading the materials submitted.

There are some pretty good articles so far, and many of them are from places I'm familiar with. The site also has an RSS feed, so you can get the new article submissions sent straight to your reader. You don't need to sign up to read the articles or get the feed, but you'll have to get an account if you want to submit articles or vote.

So get over there and show your support for photography. I don't expect the site to catch on quite like Digg, but it may turn out to be a nice resource just for us.