Promote Your Photography For Free With Phirebrush

Do you have photos that you think are “art-worthy”? Would you like to showcase your work alongside other artists and gain some visibility? Then check out this neat site I found last month called Phirebrush.

Phirebrush is an online magazine that displays user submitted content in monthly issues. They cover written works, music, artwork, and of course photography. It's free to sign up and submit content, but you're limited to the number of submissions you can make for each month. If the editors like your stuff, it will be displayed in the next month's magazine issue.

I submitted 5 photos last month not really knowing what to expect. To my delight, four of my photos were chosen to be in the April edition of the magazine along with 99 other photos. I'll definitely be submitting 5 more for next month!

Not only is Phirebrush a great way to promote yourself as an artist, but it's a great place to look for some inspiration. There are some VERY well done photos in each issue of the magazine (we're on issue 48 now), and they're sure to inspire you in some way. There are no formal themes for submissions, so artists are free to submit what they want.

So get over to Phirebrush and get noticed or get inspired.