More Photography Business Tips

While I've been writing my own tips on starting a photo sales business, several other writers have been handing out tips too.  Here are 3 of the articles I've come across in the last week.  Tomorrow I'll talk about something else — I promise. 

The Mindset of a Photographer

Peter Marshall at About: Photography wrote about Thinking Like a Photographer, and he used one of his shoots to tell the story.  My favorite line from the article was “Photography isn't a mathematical exercise but one that depends very much on the ideas and aims of the photographer.”  That's very well put in my opinion.  I support the view that you should be technically competent with a camera, but that's just a tool.  Figuring out how to capture the moment, idea, mood, feeling, concept, etc. is the part that takes some effort.

Offline Photo Marketing Techniques

The Photopreneur gives us 5 Ways To Show Off Your Pictures… Offline.  Great tips for getting your work out in front of real people.  If I can add one to the list, I would encourage you to enter your photos in local photography contests.  I entered one of these a while ago at my county library and I ended up winning 1st place for black & white.  So not only will you get to show off your work, you might also win some prizes.

How To Become a Professional Photographer

Blair Howard wrote an article posted at the Digital Photography Journal called Becoming a Professional Photographer.  It's kind of geared toward travel photojournalism, but there's a lot of good general information in there.  His big point, for us beginners, is to learn how to create good photo essays.  If you've got a collection of similar photos, you're well on your way to creating a photo essay.

Photo of the Day…

Lonely Branches

Photo by Brian Auer
10/07/06 Delaware Water Gap, NJ
Lonely Branches
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Konica Minolta AF DT 18-200
105mm equiv * f/9 * 1/80s * ISO100