Black & White, Congo, and Israel

What's So Great About Black & White?

The Digital Photography School poses the question “Why Black and White Photography?“  In case you haven't noticed by the photos I've posted on this blog, I've become quite fond of black & white photography.  I've found that it's a great method of showing a photo in a completely different way from it's color counterpart.  According to the DPS post, some reasons photographers prefer black & white are: versatility, no distractions, subtlety of tones, and variety.  Read the post for explanations to these reasons.

Stories From the Democratic Republic of Congo

Inside Aperture has a good photo essay called “Aperture in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”  The author talks about his trip with a documentary film crew as they made their way through the DRC.  It's really hard to imagine what life is like there, but the photos in the essay help shed some light.

Photo Essay From the Israeli Air Force

SeeChaos has an interesting post called “Photo Essay: Serial Number 3817131.”  The essay shows the lives of these 18 year old girls that are placed into the armed forces in the name of nationalism.  The photos give off a very strange feeling — there's just something not right about an 18 year old girl toting around an automatic weapon.

Photo of the Day…

Forest Floor

Photo by Brian Auer
10/07/06 Delaware Water Gap, NJ
Tree trunks and forest floor in the woods
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Konica Minolta AF DT 18-200
42mm equiv * f/4 * 1/8s * ISO400