Underwater, Crop/Resize, and Project 365

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Underwater Photography Contest Winners

Underwatercompetition.com has this year's underwater photo competition winners.  These are great shots, and what a cool hobby within a hobby.  The equipment for doing this type of stuff can be very expensive, but the results can be stunning.  Here's a link directly to the winning photos.

Crop and Resize in One Step

Photoshopsupport.com has a quick-tip for how to crop and resize in one step.  It basically shows how to make use of the crop tool's input features that are sometimes overlooked, and saves you a couple of steps if you want to crop and resize at the same time.  If you use Photoshop and you were unaware of this feature, you might be missing out on some of the features in other tools too.  Check out this tutorial and then get into Photoshop and start digging around to see what you might have been missing!

Project 365 – Take a Photo a Day

There's a post at Better Digital Photography that tells us how to take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way.  It's an interesting idea that can promote your own growth as a photographer by making you look at the every day subjects in new and interesting ways.  A good way to spice this project up a little might be to combine it with a daily or weekly or monthly theme as I talked about in my post titled “Themes, Megapixels, and Cameras vs Photographers.”

Photo of the Day…


Photo by Brian Auer
06/05/05 Post Falls, ID
Dead bush in a puddle of water on a dirt road
Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z3
62mm equiv * f/3.2 * 1/30s * ISO200