Portraits and Perspectives

Portrait Retouching Tips

A post at the Digital Photography Journal titled “Portrait Retouching Video Tutorial” shows a couple of simple tools in Photoshop that can be used for portrait (face) manipulations.  The video goes through the “Liquify Filter” and how it can be used for enlarging or shrinking certain areas of an image.  It also shows how to shorten distances between facial features using layers.

Understanding Perspective

Bob Johnson at Earthbound Light writes about “Working with Perspective, Subject Distance and Focal Length”.  These are good things to know when making decisions about what lens to use or buy for various types of photography and compositions.  I've seen many photographers state that wide angle lenses exaggerate perspective while telephotos compress perspective.  What many of them fail to realize is that it has nothing to do with the lens, and everything to do with where you're standing.  Bob tells us why this is true and provides some nice visual examples to prove his point.

Photo of the Day…

Dark Skies

Photo by Brian Auer
11/07/06 Princeton, NJ
Princeton campus building against cloudy sky
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Konica Minolta AF DT 18-200
52mm equiv * f/5.6 * 1/750s * ISO100