My Dad: World Traveler – Part 1

For the next couple of weeks, my Dad will be on a trip overseas with his Dad and his Dad's wife Jennifer.  This week, they're in Taipei, Taiwan doing a little exploring.  Here are some pictures and notes from his trip to date.

January 21 – About 7pm we headed to LAX and Dad drove about 80-90mph all the way there.  I just closed my eyes.  Boarded the plane at 11pm.

January 22 – This day did not exist.

January 23Arrived in Taiwan at 6:15 am.  Got to the hotel at about 1pm, checked in and dad took a nap.  I went for about a 2 mile hike around Taipei and took some pictures.  The city reminds me of New York City, lots of scooters and cabs.

Taipei 101 in the Clouds Glass Roof

January 24 We arranged 5 days of mountain trips starting Friday.  After lunch we drove (Jennifer drove) to Peitou where we used to live.  Got to see the old house and the steep hill that we lived up – the hill seems steeper and longer then it did 30 years ago. Jennifer scared the hell out of me driving the streets of Taipei (got video).  It's a crazy place, much worse than I remember it.  Had another Chinese dinner (big) with lots of toasting.  Seems they like to toast you every 2 minutes or so.  Had lots of Taiwan beer.  I managed to eat some of everything that was served.  We had duck, ham, pork, fish, beef, tofu, veggies i could identify, date pastry, rice, dumplings, shrimp wrapped in lettuce, and a few things I could not identify.  All was very good.

Circular Archway Cultural Differences

January 25 – Had breakfast with Dad and Jennifer then departed for the Taipei 101 Building (tallest in the world for now) by taxi.  About a 15 minute ride through lots of traffic.  Went to the top to look out and it was fairly clear and could see most of the city.  We departed by taxi for the hotel.  The ride was insane.  The cab driver was in a big hurry and we cut off at least 20 cars in 15 minutes.  I should have video taped the trip.  Had dinner with Edwin and his wife at Teppanyaki Steak House.  Well, it finally happened – I had raw fish, and it was pretty good.  I thought I was going to just have steak, but that didn't happen.  Started out with soup, truffles, shrimp, lobster, rack of lamb, fish (cooked), salad, garlic bread, spinach, and at the end I had steak.  Too much food, and to top it off we had dessert.  These people know how to eat.  After a major feast we went back to the hotel to pack up for an early morning departure to the Taipingshan Forest area for the next 5 days, so no email or contact with the outside world.  Unknown when next internet connection will be available.  I'll hook up when I can.

On Taipei 101 Taipei 101 Exterior Looking Up

— Dan the Travelin Man

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