Sigma Camera & Photo Challenge

Sigma SD14 White Papers

The folks over at DCViews posted some links to white papers on Sigma's new (unreleased) camera called the SD14 in an article called “Sigma publishes white papers on the SD14 digital SLR with Foveon sensor“.  This is an interesting camera because of the sensor it utilizes.  The sensor records all 3 primary color values at every single photo receptor on the sensor, in contrast to a traditional CCD sensor that records 50% green, 25% blue, and 25% red pixels and fills in the blanks with interpolation.  Great Idea, but I'm not sure it's ready for a serious camera.  They're claiming 14MP (which would be great for high level photography), but in reality there are only 4.65 million pixels times 3 layers.  The overall size of the picture is that of a 4.65MP camera rather than a 14MP camera.  Although the quality of the resulting 4.65MP photo may be much higher than that from a CCD sensor, actual size still matters when it comes time to print.

International Shooting-All-The-Time Day

 I saw a couple of posts to this interesting challenge.  The Photocritic posted in an article titled “Time for Some Frame Storming!” and the PhotographyBLOG posted in an article called “International Shooting-All-The-Time day“.  It's basically a challenge put on by Popular Photography & Imaging Magazine to take 225 photos or more in one day — Sunday, January 21st, 2007.  There's also a contest (with a prize) attached to the challenge.  The winner of the challenge gets to take home a Pentax K100D with a couple of lenses and a memory card.  Not a bad deal for spending the day doing what you already love to do.

Photo of the Day…

Green Uprooted Tree

Photo by Brian Auer
10/07/06 Delaware Water Gap, NJ
Fallen tree in the forest
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Konica Minolta AF DT 18-200
75mm equiv * f/4.5 * 1/30s * ISO400