Painting, Silhouettes, and Sony CF

Painting With Photos

A post on called “Think of photos as paintings” takes a really good look at the artistic side of photography.  With business stock photography becoming ever more popular, photographic artists are becoming less popular in the eyes of beginner photographers.  Personally, I would love to make a living selling fine art photos to be framed and hanged in a gallery or art lover's home.  This form of art is very difficult to make a descent living off of, especially in the eyes of the beginner or amatuer.  Even so, it doesn't mean we should forget about taking photos just for the sake of taking photos.

Silhouette Tips

The Digital Photography School blog is one of my favorites to read.  There is an updated post called “How to Photograph Silhouettes – Updated” that takes a look back at one of the posts from a while back.  This one is pretty good, and it's filled with great tips and inspiration on taking silhouette photos.  Aside from black & whites, these are one of my favorite types of photography.  With that said, I can't really make the claim that I'm very good at either of them — but I do enjoy trying.

Sony CF Cards

I saw a couple of announcements today on Sony's decision to enter the CompactFlash card market, obviously to supplement their new A100 dSLR.  DCViews has a post called “Sony announces its entry into the CompactFlash market“ and Photography BLOG has a post called “Sony CompactFlash Cards”.  Both of them lay out pretty much the same information on the upcoming card release.  Here's a short exerpt from the press release: The initial line-up will include CompactFlash Type I cards with 66x and 133x transfer speeds and capacities between 1GB and 4GB. Hopefully they'll be cheap enough to compete with the ever-dropping prices of existing cards, but I have little doubt based on the outstanding prices I've seen on the A100 camera.

Photo of the Day…

Washington DC Silhouette

Photo by Brian Auer
11/15/05 Washington DC
Silhouette of statue and Washington Monument
Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z3
134mm equiv * f/7.1 * 1/320s * ISO50